This week Rick sits down with content ninja, John Farkas, to discuss the best practices on how to create great content to help reach your customer business goals using content like blog stories, actionable emails, and compelling videos.   John owns a gym in St. Louis called Blue Ocean Fitness.

Creating content is one thing, but making sure your content reaches the right audience and creates the engagement you want is the main goal. Bad content will not accomplish your goals to create engagement. So, when content doesn’t work it makes many people give up on content too quick and think it doesn’t work.  Now, usually that is not the case if you review the following ways to create engagement and actionable results.

3 Keys to Create Great Content

  1. Know your audience – The biggest challenge that many people face when creating content is not knowing their audience. Know and understand your audience to be able to create great content that resonates with them. What this means is that you have to understand their frustration and fears, which then allows you to reach them on a higher level.   Knowing your audience allows you to get to know them and craft your message towards that target audience. The better you know your audience, the better you know their objections in advance so when you sit down with them you are prepared to overcome those objections to win a new customer.
  2. Audience pain points –  Once you understand your audience, you need to know their pain points and speak to those points. This enables you to create content that hits them on an emotional level. All your content, including ads, should address their pain points and resonate on an emotional level. For example, it could be, they’re afraid of getting hurt in the gym or they are afraid of being intimidated in the gym or for others, they are frustrated they don’t have enough time. There’s so many different angles, but it’s really just about understanding that person and understanding where they’re coming from. So think about some of the following pain points with your audience:
    1. What are their frustrations and fears?
    2. What keeps them up at night?
    3. What frustrates them or annoys them?
    4. What really stresses them out?
  3. Storytelling – Tell stories to create great content to enable an emotional connection with your audience.  People love stories, and there is no better way to reach your audience than through stories. The thing with stories is that you have to do it in such a format that makes your audience want to take action.

How to Create Great Content with The 5 Step Storytelling Framework

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem or Struggle
  3. Turn
  4. Payoff – the positive outcome to solving the struggle
  5. Call to Action or the Take away


Key Takeaways to Create Great Content

  • If your content doesn’t reach your audiences pain points or goals, there will be no engagement (01:47)
  • Knowing your audience to reach them through your content (02:55)
  • Knowing your audience’s pain points (10:46)
  • Connecting with your audience on an emotional level (13:31)
  • The hero of your story has to be the customer (16:00)
  • How to tell a story to resonate with your audience (17:10)
  • 5 step storytelling framework – How to tell a great story (18:09)


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