One of the most important parts of running a fitness business is successful membership sales and to close sales over the phone is of vital importance. Closing gym memberships over the phone is an art that requires skill, strategy, and a deep understanding of the potential client’s needs.

In this insightful podcast episode with Rick Mayo, CEO and Founder of Alloy Personal Training Franchise, and Alloy pre-sale specialist Adam Blankenship, we unravel the three keys to master fitness membership sales and close sales over the phone. Learn how Alloy’s Pre-Sales Strategies lead to opening new franchises at or near full capacity.

Adam’s Journey and Expertise

Adam Blankenship’s journey from college coaching to becoming Alloy’s pre-sales specialist provides valuable insights into the world of fitness sales. With experience at Fitness Formula, 24 Hour Fitness, and Orangetheory Fitness, Adam’s expertise lies in pre-selling fitness before a facility even opens. His role involves not only pre-sale responsibilities but also serving as a resource for booking starting point sessions and guiding new franchisees through the process.

Pre-selling allows fitness businesses to generate revenue before opening, a crucial advantage for investors. Adam stresses the need to set expectations during phone calls to avoid getting caught in providing information rather than guiding the process effectively.

3 Keys To Close Sales Over The Phone

1. Setting The Right Expectations

The first key to closing gym membership sales over the phone is setting the right expectations from the beginning of the conversation. Many make the mistake of diving into information without laying the groundwork for a value-based discussion. Adam Blankenship emphasizes the importance of explaining the purpose of the call upfront.

For instance, opening with a statement like, “During this call, I will ask you some questions to understand your needs and answer any questions you have. Our goal is to determine if our services align with your goals,” establishes a framework that guides the conversation and positions the seller as an expert. This approach prevents the conversation from becoming purely transactional, focusing on price and services, and instead emphasizes the value of understanding the prospect’s specific needs.

2. Unpacking The Why: Understanding Client’s Motivations

The second key revolves around understanding the prospect’s motivation, commonly referred to as “the why.” Adam Blankenship suggests that a successful phone call involves “peeling the onion,” digging deep into the prospect’s motivations. Instead of accepting surface-level answers, like wanting to lose weight or get stronger, Adam encourages sales professionals to uncover the underlying reasons for the prospect’s fitness goals.

By focusing on the why, the conversation becomes more value-based, addressing not only physical goals but also the emotional and mental aspects of the individual’s well-being. This approach not only sets the tone for a more meaningful conversation, but also increases the likelihood of closing the sale.

3. Seamless Transition To The Close

The third and final key to closing gym membership sales over the phone is the seamless transition to the close. Adam Blankenship emphasizes that successful pre-selling involves booking starting point sessions, asking the right questions, and ensuring that the prospect understands the value being offered.

Transitioning to the close requires the sales professional to position themselves as experts and they must genuinely believe in the value of the fitness solution they are offering. By doing a thorough job of peeling the onion and understanding the prospect’s motivations, the close becomes a natural progression, resulting in a high success rate.

In the dynamic world of fitness sales, closing gym memberships is key, but understanding how to close sales over the phone requires a strategic approach. Alloy Personal Training Franchise, through the expertise of presale specialist Adam Blankenship, has mastered this art, consistently opening new franchises at or near full capacity.

Tune in to the full podcast episode to learn the keys to close sales over the phone. By setting the right expectations, understanding the prospect’s motivations, and seamlessly transitioning to the close, fitness professionals can elevate their phone sales game and contribute to the success of their fitness businesses. Tune in to the podcast episode for a detailed exploration of Alloy’s exact process for conducting successful phone sales.

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Podcast Episode 216

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  • Find the “why” (16:42)
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  • Overcoming the 3 most common objections (25:12)

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