This week Rick is in a podcast interview by  Jay Croft, Content Director with Prime Fit Content, to discuss why the Alloy Personal Training Fitness Franchise is focused on the active living over-50 market. 

The Alloy Personal Training Fitness Brand has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 25 years to where we are right now; licensing and franchising thousands of clubs worldwide.

Part of the reason for the growth in marketing to the lucrative over-50 market is this demographic holds over 70% of America’s disposable income and continues to grow in numbers. In fact, it can be said to the wealthiest generation of all time. Intriguingly, only 5-10% of marketing dollars are targeted towards this demographic. 

Benefits of Marketing To Active Living Clients

  • Higher-priced memberships
  • Higher retention rates
  • Higher client lifetime value

In addition, most of the players in the industry are still focused on the younger demographic hence lower competition for the Over-50 population. Learn more about  How To Market To Your Target Audience with Rick and Jay!  

Tune in to this great conversation as Rick and Jay discuss the power of this lucrative market and the opportunity it offers to fitness entrepreneurs, and how to market to them.  Find the podcast on Apple iTunes here

Key Takeaways

  • Why the Alloy Franchise targets the 50+ market (01:26)
  • Why training older individuals is similar to training pro athletes (03:40)
  • The empirical evidence that supports targeting an older demographic (07:27)
  • The ideal Alloy Franchisee (14:22)
  • How to market to over 50s effectively (18:41)
  • The power of success stories in attracting people to the gym (21:57)

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