In a recent episode, Rick Mayo, Founder and CEO of Alloy Franchise, and Suzanne Robb, COO, took a moment to reflect on the Alloy Personal Training Franchise journey after achieving a significant milestone of 150+ locations awarded. Growth has marked the four-year journey since launching the franchise business marked by continuous learning, adaptation, and perfection. In this blog post, we’ll explore their insights and the valuable lessons they’ve gained along the way.

Alloy’s Guiding Principles Contributing To This Milestone

Clarity Of Purpose: Why We Do What We Do

As Alloy Franchise expanded and the number of locations surpassed 150, Rick and Suzanne noticed a remarkable increase in the clarity of their “why.” The impact of Alloy Personal Training became evident as success stories from clients poured in. Clients who had regained their fitness abilities served as living testimonials for the purpose behind Alloy.

Moreover, Alloy Franchising isn’t just a business; it was becoming a source of passion and opportunity for entrepreneurs. The positive influence of Alloy extends beyond a passion for fitness by providing investment and business ownership opportunities for individuals. As Rick and Suzanne emphasize, the franchise is creating a ripple effect, offering more than just a fitness solution; it was building a community and fostering entrepreneurship.

Power of People

A key observation made by Rick and Suzanne is the importance of identifying the right people to become operators for franchise locations. The success of each franchise hinged on having the right people at the helm with the same values and vision that align with Alloy.

The commitment to integrity in selecting franchise operators is evident. Rick Mayo emphasized the need to be conservative in approving locations, ensuring that each potential franchisee had the qualities necessary to make the venture successful. This dedication to the right people isn’t just limited to franchisees, but extends to the leadership team and their internal processes.

In-House Expertise and Continuous Improvement

Rick and Suzanne share their experience dealing with challenges, particularly as to third-party involvement. They realized that certain functions were better handled in-house, aligning more closely with the core values of the company. This led to a reevaluation of processes that were outsourced, bringing them back in-house where the company could have better control.

The move to bring certain functions in-house wasn’t just about control; it was about enhancing the overall process. By hiring franchise business coaches and streamlining internal processes, Alloy could provide better support to its franchisees. Their commitment to continuous improvement is driven by the understanding that evolving with technology and market dynamics is crucial.

Unwavering Commitment To The Alloy Vision

Through the challenges and triumphs, Rick Mayo’s commitment to the “why” of Alloy Franchise remained unwavering. He highlighted the importance of staying true to the purpose of the business, especially during less exciting times. Suzanne Robb echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the love they both have for what they do.

The personal connection with franchisees, the weekly calls to check in on their well-being, and the genuine interest in their success showcases a leadership team deeply invested in the success of every franchisee associated with Alloy Franchise. This commitment, coupled with a shared vision among the team members, contributes to the positive culture permeating the entire franchise system.

As Alloy Franchise reaches the milestone of 150 locations, the journey becomes more than a numerical achievement, it is a story of impact, growth, and a commitment to a shared vision.

Rick Mayo and Suzanne Robb’s reflections provide valuable insights for both aspiring franchisees and current members of the Alloy community. The lessons learned in reaching this milestone—clarity of purpose, the power of people, in-house expertise, and the vision with the unwavering commitment to the “why”—serve as guiding principles for Alloy Franchise as it continues its upward trajectory in the fitness and entrepreneurship landscape.


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Podcast Episode 210: Key Takeaways

  • Milestone Reached: 150 Locations! (03:28)
  • Why we do what we do (04:38)
  • It’s always about the people (12:17)
  • If you want it done right, do it yourself (15:50)

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