In this episode, we are discussing the most effective ways to conduct personal trainer performance reviews to evaluate your personal training team. Personal trainer performance reviews and evaluations are an opportunity to tell them about the things they are doing well, and what skills and education they might need to continually improve.  

How often should you conduct personal trainer performance reviews with your personal training coaches or your team? Should you do an annual review? Well, waiting a year until you do a sit-down with anybody on your team is way too long. Even in a small environment, people can get a little sideways and start wondering how they fit in, how they’re doing and what’s next for them. 

A few years ago, we switched from annual personal trainer performance reviews to a quarterly review. So it’s literally a quarterly sit-down. That helped a lot because then we can get to sit down and have these conversations before things get too far gone.What happens as a result of the personal trainer review is really important, because your personal training staff can acknowledge and gain agreement on success and growth opportunities.  

So, how can you go about making sure that what transpires in these personal trainer performance reviews end up making all sides happy? This is what we are going to discuss, so stay tuned.

Key Takeaways

  • Have trainers think before they get to the meeting; we give them a sheet to fill out (3:13)
  • What are they doing really well right now, and thus should keep doing? (3:50)
  • What can they start doing? Could be a build-off of something they’re already doing (5:13)
  • What do they need to stop doing? (7:02)
  • What can you help them with? (8:19)
  • Grade your trainers across the core tenets; secret shop through your clients (12:17)

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