What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for personal training and why are KPI’s critical to the success of your fitness business. Learn what personal training metrics to measure and why it is important to the success of your personal training business. Having the necessary business knowledge, or the lack of it, can make or break your business.

With the right key performance indicators for personal training you can reverse engineer how many sales prospects you need to reach your sales goals.  Metrics such as the number of leads, how many leads you got, how many of those leads you got to book to come in, and how many you closed, to give your team close rations to create actionable steps to keep them on track.

Be clear about behaviors and how they relate to key performance indicators for personal training business to help your team understand what to do – ones that you know are going to lead to the personal training sales numbers that you want. It’s going to help with client retention in a big way. To know more about how KPIs fit into the big picture, stay tuned.

Key Performance Indicators for Personal Training Takeaways

  • Tracking the overall number of leads and their source (1:24)
  • How many of those leads do you get to book to come in and see you? (4:04)
  • Are you closing at least 20% of your overall leads? What is the cost per lead? (7:54)
  • A good Key Performance Indicator for personal training businesses for retention would be 3% a month (9:33)
  • Then you start looking at the lifetime value of the customer (11:36)
  • The efficiency rate as the percentage of sessions booked (14:13)
  • The Big 5 customer uplifts- (21:04)
    1. Completing a challenging workout
    2. Achieving fitness goals
    3. Fitness staff speaking to the customer
    4. Encouragement from the fitness staff
    5. Reception staff speaking to the customer

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