Alloy Personal Training has hit a significant milestone in its remarkable growth trajectory, celebrating awarding their 250th franchise location. This achievement not only marks a major step for the franchise but also reflects a broader commitment to making fitness both accessible and personalized.

What sets Alloy apart in the bustling fitness industry? It’s their unique approach to personal training, tailored to suit the needs and aspirations of diverse client groups. Alloy harnesses the power of small group training, making personal training more affordable compared to traditional one-on-one sessions. This model allows clients to enjoy the benefits of a personalized fitness experience without the hefty price tag, all while fostering a supportive community atmosphere.

The success of Alloy’s business approach is evident not just in the number of locations it operates, but also in its impressive client retention rate. Boasting a 97% retention rate, Alloy demonstrates exceptional client satisfaction, a testament to the effectiveness of their fitness programs and the strong “tribal” community they’ve cultivated. Members motivate each other, creating a positive and encouraging environment that helps everyone achieve their personal best.

The franchise model also offers significant benefits for franchisees. With a greater return on investment (ROI) made possible through a well-developed system focusing on an emerging sector of the fitness industry, Alloy represents a promising opportunity for those looking to venture into the health and wellness space. This potential has not gone unnoticed, as Alloy was recently named one of the “Best Fitness and Gym Franchises to Open in 2024” by Business Iconic and continues to be listed in 2024 Entrepreneur magazine’s prestigious Top 500 Franchises list.

“Reaching the milestone of 250 locations is a testament to the dedication of our franchisees, the commitment of our team, and the trust our clients have in the Alloy Personal Training Franchise. We are honored to have positively impacted countless lives and remain steadfast in our mission to provide personalized fitness solutions that empower individuals to achieve their goals.”

~ Rick Mayo, Alloy Personal training Franchise, CEO & Founder ~

As Alloy continues to expand, they are actively awarding new territories to motivated individuals who wish to own a thriving personal training business. For those interested in being part of Alloy’s success story, visiting offers a gateway to more information on how to join this growing network.

This 250th franchise location milestone is not just a number—it’s a reflection of Alloy’s dedicated approach to fitness, emphasizing personal growth, community support, and accessible health solutions. Here’s to many more years of success and empowerment through fitness!

Alloy Personal Training is dedicated to continuing its mission of delivering personal fitness solutions that truly make a difference. If you’re interested in learning more about the Alloy franchise opportunity or the unique benefits of their training programs, feel free to reach out below. Let’s make fitness a rewarding part of your life together!

Check out the official press release: Alloy Announces the Award of 250th Franchise Location

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