In this series, Rick and Rami Odeh discuss the three major components of a winning pre-sale process. Rami broke all the records as a franchisee with his Alloy membership pre-sale numbers. He shares on his approach to create the winning numbers he generated.

3 Components Of Pre-Sale Process

1. Understand Your Why & Identify Goals

The first component is understanding your why. Why are you doing the pre-sale, and what do you want to get out of it? Just like we do with our clients in the starting point session, we want to peel the onion and get to the real why you need a successful pre-sale strategy to reach your goal. This applies to franchisees as well; the why is very important.

Understanding your why will feed into other components of a successful pre-sale, like being super convicted of what you’re selling.

Leads and clients can easily tell if you are just selling something that you don’t believe in or are just going through the paces.

Once they notice your conviction, enthusiasm, and genuine belief that your service can help them with their goals and overcome their fears, it gets easier for them to commit.

2. Organization 

Organization is really just about organizing your time and how you allocate time because there’s a lot going on with the real estate negotiations, construction besides prospecting, following up, and selling the leads. Time management and structure is really important to stay focused. 

  • Plan your day – set your day up the day before
  • Have a calendar to fill out to book your appointments
  • Take care of yourself with sleep and nutrition
  • When booking calls, give them a choice of 2 or 3 times
  • Set the times of day you call – like 8 – 10 am for the morning and 4 to 8 pm in the evening
  • Be diligent about getting on the phone and booking calls
  • Use mass texting to follow up and use a specific message based on their lifecycle stage
  • Trust the automation
  • You have more leads than you need. Don’t waste time on people that aren’t right fit.

You really must nurture the leads to create trust. Alloy has systems in place to track the lead funnel with communication and history of every call, text, and message. Alloy also has a pre-sale manual to guide you through every step of the pre-sales process. 

3. Effort

The thing with a pre-sale in the Alloy model is that you put in the effort for that pre-sale. It is only a short time, unlike other gym models where you are always selling before and after you open.

You must be prepared to push hard and put in the effort. You only have a few weeks to make the calls, book the people to come in, follow up on leads, and close them.

Remember, even if your primary motivation is to help people, you must get them to come to the gym first and hire you. You’ve got to be relentless in a about following up with them by calling/texting them. Selling is the most valuable skill for any entrepreneur. 

Rami also got very efficient in his calls with a prospect in 12 minute calls. You don’t have time to make the numbers of calls you need to make if you are spending 30 minutes on each call. Then answer how Alloy can help with just the information they mentioned is important to them.

Minimum Information To Get On A 12 Minute Call

  • Age
  • Experience
  • Pain Points
  • Goals

What Made Rami’s Pre-Sale Successful?

Rami shares his amazing stats from his pre-sale which shows the level of organization he had in place and the amount of effort he put in.

With Alloy, we recommend opening with a maximum of 100 – 130 members depending on factors like your facility rent and square footage. One of the key pre-sale breakeven metrics is 60 members to be cash-flow positive. Rami hit 60 members by week 4 of the pre-sale. You could open with the bare minimum of 75 members making money, but by waiting till you have the recommended maximum members for a grand opening, you have enough to account for any turnover or churn. In the beginning, expect your churn to be around 10%. Once you get going, the Alloy average retention rate is 97%. They were over the maximum at 145 members, which is technically full, by 8 1/2 weeks with a waiting list.

Other Rami Pre-Sale Lessons

  • Take a day off
  • Best day to sell was Monday
  • Best time to sell was 8 AM to 10 AM
  • Don’t text too early or late in the day
  • Sell 2 1/2 people a day
  • Be efficient with the calls: get clients goals, not every little detail
  • Need more than one person for pre-sale
  • Book them for their starting point session asap
  • Get them set-up on the app

Want to learn how to pre-sale your facility with the maximum number of members to be profitable? Not just to breakeven, but have a waiting list. Call us to learn how to become an Alloy Franchise owner.

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Key Takeaways – Part 1

  • Breaking all presale records (05:27)
  • How Rami got involved in Alloy (07:49)
  • What’s your ‘why’ of pre-selling (13:24)
  • Track your numbers (21:45)
  • Go out and get a No or a Yes (24:37)
  • Why you need to be super convicted of your product (28:46)
  • You need to talk less when selling (30:37)
  • Experience the service you sell (34:38)

Key Takeaways – Part 2

  • You have to get them to the gym to help them (02:53)
  • You are not bugging people by texting/calling them (05:24)
  • Rami’s pre-sale stats (08:46)
  • Lessons from a successful pre-sale (19:00)
  • How to organize your time during a pre-sale (23:07)
  • The average duration of a pre-sale call (28:05)
  • Asking for an extra referral during the call/starting point session (35:18)
  • Science of sending mass texts (44:51)

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