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In this episode, we discuss some guerrilla marketing strategies proven to have worked for fitness businesses. To think that marketing for your fitness business could be 100% digital or automated is a big mistake. Stay tuned as we get talking about the grassroots types of marketing methods.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we discuss some guerrilla marketing strategies proven to have worked for fitness businesses.

In this day and age, everyone thinks about marketing through the lens of Facebook, Google ads, and things like that, which we would look at as digital marketing. And those are really important. 

But all that can lend itself to you simply turning on a digital ad and then just sitting inside of your facility, waiting for people to run through the door with their wallets hanging out to buy your service. Well, it does generate leads and it’s an absolute necessity.

The problem

When it’s done at the expense of all other marketing, be it from a budgetary standpoint or from a time allocation standpoint – when all of your time and energy go into digital marketing, it’s a big mistake. We are in a high-touch service business, which means there is human interaction.

That’s the basic nature of what we do. So to think that marketing for that could 100% be digital or automated is a big mistake.

What people get away from because it’s hard work and they don’t want to do it or maybe they didn’t know how to do it is guerrilla marketing. Another way to refer to that would be a local, grassroots type of marketing effort.

It’s important to get out of your facility, to go and meet people, and to find creative ways to market. Stay tuned as through the lens of guerrilla marketing, we touch upon plays that have worked for us.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Diversify your efforts and look at things maybe other owners aren’t doing (4:03)
  • Getting out of their store once a week to market meant higher revenues… (4:47)
  • Cross-promotions have been really effective (6:42)
  • Where else do your clients shop? Where do they eat? What services… (6:54)
  • Cross-promotion – Prong one: leverage the list (8:27)
  • Prong two: physical presence for the month (13:11)
  • Prong three: the educational event (15:36)
  • Super Saturday – a customer appreciation day, is another idea (17:20)
  • The business of the Week: Choose a local business and leave a gift basket… (18:51)
  • The banner on the road and the sandwich board (23:53)
  • Getting in front of doctors and physical therapists (28:08)

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