Alloy Founder and CEO, Rick Mayo, shares how getting your franchise team into March Madness shape can help prepare you and your team rise to the challenge when tough times or growth moments present themselves.

It’s the best season of the year – March Madness season. Basketball teams across the country have been performing all year, and now they’re operating at their highest level. College basketball teams everywhere are rejoicing, and sports fans build their brackets and settle in to watch their favorite games. 

But we’re here to tell you that there’s more to the game than just a few exciting hours in front of the TV. If you’re a franchise business owner, these games could provide many clues about how to train your team and reach your highest level of success yet.

In this blog, we’ll break down a few of the top things franchise business owners can take away from March Madness and how to apply the lessons learned to your team. 

5 Lessons Franchise Business Owners Can Learn From March Madness

Whether you’re running your first-ever franchise or have a track record of successful companies under your belt, these lessons will help you get your team into winning shape.

1. Being The Underdog Isn’t A Bad Thing

The March Madness tournament paves the way for the number one teams to make it into the Final Four most easily. Nothing is written in stone, though, and the underdogs can (and do) come from behind to secure victorious, inspiring wins. 

If you feel like an underdog in your professional life, keep this in mind. Just because you’re a new franchise owner, or you’re learning on your feet, or your team is adapting with you…none of that bars you from success.

In fact, it’s often the underdogs who have the heart, dedication, and commitment to come together and make great things happen. As the saying goes, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.

2. Teamwork Really DOES Make The Dream Work

As a franchise owner, becoming successful means ensuring your entire team works together. It’s impossible to reach your goals unless you’re willing to cooperate, set your sights on a singular vision, and do whatever it takes to get there.

Here’s why: There’s strength in numbers!

While you can go fast alone, you go further together. Every single person on your team has a unique set of skills, different backgrounds, and a different level of expertise to draw on. When you adopt a teamwork mentality, you leverage this diverse skill-set and equip your company with the diversity, strength, and motivation it needs to keep pushing. 

3. Adversity Is Your Friend

A few years ago, there was an analysis of 18,000 different NBA games. The research found that when a team is down by a single point at halftime, they’re actually MORE likely to win the game than a team that’s winning by one point at halftime. 

The takeaway? Strong teams learn from adversity and they can be more motivated by challenges than they would be by success. 

If you’ve experienced setbacks or losses as a team, don’t let that get you down. Instead, use those experiences to your advantage. When we learn from our failures, it sets us up to be bigger, faster, stronger, and more competitive in the future. 

4. Taking Risks Is One Of The Best Ways To Grow

In the world of basketball, it’s risky to go for a three-point shot. While the shooter has a greater chance of missing the basket, there’s also a greater potential payoff if they make it. The lesson here is this” not taking enough risks can cost you as a team or business.

Instead of playing it safe and being risk-averse, get smart about which risks you take and when you take them. The payoff of taking risks can be massive, as long as you’re being intentional about which risks you’re choosing.

5. Choose Your Competition Carefully

Competition is an excellent thing for both basketball teams and franchises, and rivalry boosts competition and enhances performance. Basketball teams, for example, tend to play harder and exhibit more vigorous defense during rivalry games.

That said, too much competition (or the wrong type of competition) can also encourage unsportsmanlike conduct. With your competitors, make sure you’re keeping it classy. There’s nothing wrong with going toe-to-toe, but you should never sacrifice your standards for yourself, your company, or your team just to prove a point.

Besides making your business look good, maintaining your standards also feels good and will boost morale for your team members. 

Get Your Team In Winning Shape

March Madness basketball teams have been performing all year, and now they’re operating at their highest level. While teamwork and year-round training get basketball teams into winning shape, the same goes for franchise teams. 

When you focus on building your cooperation, teamwork, and dedication all year round, you’ll be better equipped to rise to the challenge when tough times or growth moments present themselves.

If you’re watching March Madness this year, keep your eyes out for actionable lessons like the five we’ve listed in this article. 

Here at Alloy Personal Training, we love fitness and sports, so we get a lot of inspiration from the dedication and commitment exhibited by athletes in our favorite arenas. March Madness is no different. 

When you pride yourself and your team on how you work together, prepare, and handle yourself during difficult times, you’re well on your way to a winning franchise. 

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that suits your lifestyle and goals? Contact us today to learn more about the Alloy opportunity, our winning support, and more. 

Article by: Rick Mayo 

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