In this episode, Matt and Rick discuss the “ugly baby” syndrome and how you should look at your business or product with a customer perspective. Spoiler alert- your one and only lens should be know your customer’s need and goals, not use your own personal goals and passions to pursue business success.

Every parent thinks their baby is the cutest little bundle of joy in the world. This is okay if you are a parent. If you are and entrepreneur, your business is your baby, and it would be a fatal mistake if you create a product based on your own dreams and treat it as a cute little baby.  

In the fitness industry, we have seen many gyms and trainers try to force their passions on the customer. Not all your customers  care about your fitness passions. Passion may help you wake up early and work hard, but it won’t make people buy your product. As a fitness entrepreneur, you should be solely focused on meeting your clients needs and where they are in their fitness journey. Helping clients achieve their goals and improve their lives is paramount. 

One of Rick’s favorite business books is The Road Less Stupid, by Keith Cunningham.  It is about avoiding the dumb mistakes that sabotage growth, profits and business success by looking at your business from a customer perspective.  One of the suggestions is about the entrepreneur mindset about “Your baby’s not as cute as you think it is”. The author explains how nobody cares about your passion for your business or product. It doesn’t matter to people like you think it does.

In addition to the Alloy Franchise, Rick and his team also provide consulting for the fitness industry where they come in as a business advisor to look at an entrepreneur’s business. Many times the fitness business is not doing well and many of the owners started their business because they were passionate about fitness, not about what their customer’s want.

In reality, customers are trying to solve a pain, prevent pain, or get a net gain in their life. That’s the only reason they buy a product or service. If you focus solely on you, then you’re only seeing it through your lens. As an entrepreneur, look at your business through the eyes of your customer. If you’re not looking at the business from a customer perspective, it really is self-serving.

The Alloy team has already experienced what worked and didn’t for customers over the last 10 years. Alloy has created systemized processes to put the customer first and create positive customer experiences to give them what they want. We also have done a great job with program design. This makes the Alloy franchises scalable. So disassociate yourself from your personal focus and look through the lens of your customers, then deliver what they want. This is the Alloy differentiator.

If you’re looking at an Alloy Personal Training Franchise, just know that all the programming, marketing, and everything we do is done through the lens of the consumer. That’s why our model is strong, markets well, and has a higher client lifetime value!

Join in the conversation and learn more about the Ugly Baby Syndrome and how it applies to your fitness business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Nobody cares about your passion for your product (03:20)
  • Why McDonald’s is so successful (04:45)
  • The only reason customers buy your product (05:37)
  • Customers are not buying your passion (07:44)
  • Focus on what the customer wants (09:31)
  • What makes a good fitness coach? (11:48)
  • Who cares (14:06)
  • Why the Alloy Franchise model markets well (15:47)

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