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Matt and Rick explain the concepts and processes behind creating and delivering great programs for clients. In today’s episode, we talk about the actual programming. Listen in on how we take a scientific and systematic approach to our fitness programming. 

Our programs are geared towards a full-body workout every time a client walks in. there is no metabolic benefit to doing body part workouts. Within the hour they are here, we ensure that the fitness programming gets them some mobility, stability, metabolic and emotional work. The full-body workout is very efficient.

In every workout, we get four main movements and two core movements. The four main movements are pushing, pulling, hip dominant, and knee dominant. These four patterns are compound movements that involve a lot of muscles at the same time. The two main core movements are anti-extension and anti-rotation movements. These are about resisting movement and remaining as stable as possible to strengthen the core.

We also have a metabolic finisher to raise the heart rate. This is for cardiovascular health and an emotional workout for the client. We talked about this in the previous episode.

There is so much science and thought that goes into building these great programs. Tune to learn how we use the best fitness programming and come up with custom programs for every client. 

Key Takeaways
  • Why our fitness programming is geared towards a full-body workout every time (01:05)
  • The four compound movements that we use for our programs (04:26)
  • Resistance core movements to stabilize the core (08:44)
  • The core is meant to prevent movement, not to create movement (11:30)
  • Our programming is scientific and precise (12:24)
  • How we create custom programs within the best programming conventions (13:35)
  • The three levels of fitness we place our clients and how we do it (16:44)
  • Working with a health history, injuries and different fitness levels to build truly great programs (25:06)

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