In this episode, Matt and Rick reveal the best fitness studio retention tool that has allowed Alloy Personal Training to have the highest client retention in the fitness business. 

Client retention and average client lifespan are two important fitness business metrics that Alloy excels.

  • Alloy has a 97% client retention rate per month, which is 17 points better than any other fitness studio model.
  • Alloy’s has a 36 month average client lifespan.

The number ONE reason Alloy achieves these metrics is attributed is the client retention tool – accountability sessions.

An accountability session is a 15 minutes face-to-face sit down with each client once a month to keep track of their progress, achievements and goals. Many fitness studio owners think that this will waste all their time if they meet with clients, but it is important.  The two main benefits of accountability is client retention and increases the average client lifespan.  In addition, the accountability sessions are a perfect opportunity to upsell other services and it builds client trust in the fitness business. The clients can see that the business really care about their goals and how they are progressing towards them.  If you are running a personal training business model, accountability makes it really personal.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about what an accountability session includes and how it is a powerful retention tool to keep clients coming back month after month. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why our client retention and average client lifespan is very high here at Alloy (01:27)
  • What is an accountability session and how to do it (02:31)
  • How an accountability session solves everything (10:17)
  • Using the accountability session to upsell your other services (13:23)
  • Why holding accountability sessions is absolutely critical in the first 90 days (16:14)
  • Communication within the team between accountability sessions (17:32)
  • How accountability sessions make your personal training model truly personal (20:15)

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