One of the most rewarding things in business is experiencing continued growth. Many fitness business owners are often frustrated by the lack of growth in their fitness business. Learn the four reasons why your fitness business isn’t growing and how to kiss stagnation goodbye.

4 Reasons Why Your Fitness Business Isn’t Growing

1. Reduce The Risk For Your Clients

One of the reasons is risk. In a fitness business, the risk for customers can come from different places. They might be scared of getting hurt or paying money and not achieving their goals. As a gym owner, it is your responsibility to mitigate this risk, and one of the best ways to do so is through a starting point session.

2. Reduce Friction – Make It Easy To Do Business

Don’t make it too difficult just to get started. Friction in the personal training industry can occur if you require people to make a wholesale change to their entire life or they can’t get started in your business. Take into account the science of habit change. There’s no possible way you are going to make that change stick with somebody to start exercising if they haven’t done exercise in 15 years. That’s too much friction.

Changing behavior and routines is a slow process. So keep your business simple and reduce the friction for your clients, not just at the start but ongoing. Start them on that first session, make it’s easy to schedule, make it easy to keep them coming and building a routine.

3. Your Message – What Makes Your Business Different?

What makes your business difference needs to be clearly communicated.  If you can’t clearly communicate it to your market, you’re not going to get in you’re not going to be speaking to anyone. At Alloy we use the term Personal Training, because that is different than all the other fitness concepts that are out there. Who’s your ideal customer? Once you establish that and create your message to speak to them relevantly. If your business is not growing, you’re probably not putting out a relevant differentiator into market?

4. What’s Your Success Proposition

This is the the what, the why, and the how your client is going to be successful? First, you have to find out what is it that your customers really want? Looking at your business through the lens of the customer is what Seth Godin mentioned “, that a  business rarely sells what the business thinks it’s selling.” Basically this means rarely does your customer buy exactly what it is that you think they’re buying, because they’re buying it for other reasons. So the key is to understand what those reasons are, that are not yours. Then put that story into market a success proposition. One easy way to do that in the fitness industry is social proof or success stories. If you show stories people can relate to, like that person is my age and they started where I’m starting, and they’ve accomplished the same goals that I want to accomplish. That’s really powerful.

So make sure you have the customer lens on to see your business through your customer’s eyes. Make sure you’re fishing in the right pond with the right message to reduce risk, reduce friction, clearly communicate your difference maker, and then lay out what your success proposition.

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Key Takeaways

  • How to mitigate risk to grow (01:44)
  • Is there friction to do business with you (04:45)
  • Does your fitness business require stool samples from clients? (07:46)
  • What’s your difference maker (10:52)
  • What is your success proposition (14:25)
  • The power of social proof (15:06)

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