In this episode, Rick sits down with Chamberlynn Campuzano, Alloy Executive Assistant, to discuss how Alloy helps franchisees hire the perfect fitness franchise team for success. These principles apply to all types of businesses! Hiring the right employees is crucial for the success of any organization.

It is crucial to have a well-defined hiring process in place to ensure that you attract and select candidates who have the necessary skills, qualifications, and cultural fit for your company. They share the key principles and strategies that apply not only to Alloy but also to businesses across the board.

These strategies will help you build an exceptional team that delivers outstanding customer service and propels your business forward.

Best Strategies For Hiring Your Fitness Franchise Team

Hiring the right team is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful fitness franchise. The quality of your team directly impacts customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and ultimately, your bottom line. In a revealing podcast interview with Rick Mayo, Chamberlynn shares invaluable insights on the importance of dedicating time and effort to the hiring process. In this article, we will explore key takeaways from the podcast and provide a comprehensive guide on how to hire the perfect fitness franchise team for unprecedented success.

1. Recognize the Significance of Hiring

Chamberlynn emphasizes that putting significant time and effort into the hiring process is imperative for the success of a fitness franchise. Avoid the temptation to hire friends or acquaintances without proper vetting. Instead, focus on identifying candidates who genuinely fit the role and align with the Alloy studio’s values.

You have to market and draw people into the brand and into your team. You have to put in the effort at the front end, reaching out to them quickly, efficiently, making yourself available, and giving them huge windows of time. You should ask some pointed questions about time management and working well under pressure. How do they feel about working in an environment of high accountability.

2. Marketing A Premium Brand and Values

Effort is crucial in attracting the right candidates. Market your franchise brand and values to draw potential team members who resonate with your vision. This is particularly important in the competitive job market. You need to make sure that the person you’re hiring understands how to service premium brand consumers, and that they’re not looking for a discount. You already have a personal training at below national prices per hour.

During interviews, make sure candidates understand the value of a premium product and its unique selling points. Assess if they are capable of servicing premium brand consumers and not merely looking for discounted offerings.

3. Embrace Screening and Data-Driven Decision Making

Rick highlights the significance of data in hiring. Utilize resources like the decision tree from the book “Decisive” by Dan and Chip Heath. Avoid relying solely on gut feelings, as emotions may not always lead to the best hiring decisions.

Rick emphasizes the need for screening tools like the Best Work Data assessment to filter out unqualified candidates effectively. This process can eliminate around 20% of unqualified candidates.

4. Leverage Vendors and Recruitment Firms

Alloy has a suite of vendors and perks they provide to franchisees, including headhunters and recruitment firms. These professionals have access to traditional, local, and national channels, making it easier to find potential candidates who fit your requirements. Many franchisees find team members looking for the unique opportunities franchise growth provides. Partner with the Alloy vendors for better hiring results. Working with vendors can significantly improve the candidate pool and increase the chances of finding the perfect fit for your fitness franchise.

5. Effective Communication and Accountability

If you are looking for an operating partner, ensure they can communicate effectively and maintain a consistent mode of communication. Franchises often come with pre-established systems, and a successful partnership relies on effective communication and mutual accountability.

6. Addressing Schedule Conflicts

Be understanding of scheduling conflicts, but expect candidates to provide alternative meeting times within a reasonable timeframe. Demonstrating flexibility and communication skills during scheduling can indicate a candidate’s professionalism.

7. Avoiding Scarcity Mindset in Hiring

Hiring out of desperation or scarcity is a mistake that can lead to issues in the long run. Be patient and wait for the right candidates who align with your franchise’s values and vision.

8. Conduct Multiple Interviews and Virtual Interviews

Practice interviews three to four times before you interview candidates. This will help ensure you ask every important questions to conduct a thorough evaluation. Sometimes, a re-comparison interview with top candidates can provide further insight into their fit for the franchise. Follow up with second interviews, whether virtual or in-person, to delve deeper into candidates’ qualifications. Virtual calls can help assess candidates’ time management and communication skills, as well as their dedication to meeting deadlines.

9. Involve Key Stakeholders in the Hiring Process

When hiring part time trainers and coaches, have your Operating Partner or Director of Training handle the introductory interview. The second interview should be to review questions and concerns. The third interview should be in person with the Director and the Owner/Investor.

If you’re hiring an Operating Partner/Director of Training, have your investor sit in on all the interview. This shows that this is a big deal, and that this is a business that you’ve put your money into. For this position, you should have three interviews. You also want to make sure they can keep a schedule and are willing to go through three interviews.

10. Open-Mindedness in Hiring

How do you know if you’re hiring the right person for you? Be open-minded and receptive to new methods and ideas during the hiring process. Chamberlynn encourages using specific questions to address concerns and areas of interest in subsequent interviews. Create a list of important questions that address everything that is required of each position. Each franchise operation may be a little different because each owner or operator may have their own set of strengths. Consider hiring people to complement your strengths and weaknesses to be more successful. For example, if the owner or manager is more operational, consider hiring those with more sales strengths.

11. Utilize the People Analyzer from EOS

The People Analyzer chart from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) aids in identifying the right fit for your franchise. Alloy uses the EOS process to help build a better leadership team, strengthen individual responsibility, and achieve greater accountability, clarity, traction, and results. Use objective methods to decide which candidates align best with your company’s values and culture.

Once you have completed the initial steps and feel that you have met with your candidates sufficiently enough, you will use the people analyzer from EOS to figure out the right people for your company. You have to go through your candidates using the people analyzer chart, and then emotionally decide who is truly going to fit best into the system.

12. Prioritize Process Over Impulse

Running a proper hiring process is crucial for success. Avoid impulsive decisions, and focus on following the process diligently. A robust hiring process is the cornerstone of your franchise’s long-term success. If you don’t run a process, it doesn’t matter how you feel, because your emotions will not always tell you the truth.

The Right Fitness Franchise Team Ensures Success

Two of the most important factors in franchise success is having the right location and hiring the right team. Hiring the perfect fitness franchise team requires a strategic and dedicated approach. By incorporating the insights shared during the podcast interview between Rick and Chamberlynn, you can develop a well-structured hiring process that ensures the right people join your team.

Leveraging recruitment firms, creating interview processes, and utilizing the EOS People Analyzer tool are just a few of the many strategies that can lead to Alloy fitness franchise success. With a strong and dedicated team, your franchise will be well-equipped to thrive in the competitive fitness industry, delivering exceptional service and experiences to your clients. Remember, the right team is the driving force behind your franchise’s growth, customer satisfaction, and long-term success.

In this episode, Rick and Chamberlynn delve into the pivotal role of hiring in the success of Alloy franchisees, shedding light on the critical factors that determine the potential triumph or failure of hires. This episode is a valuable resource for potential franchisees and other entrepreneurs, offering insights through a transparent discussion of Alloy’s proven hiring process.

Get started hiring the right team for you Alloy Fitness Franchise today!

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Episode 199

Key Takeaways

  • Best practices for hiring step by step (3:33)
  • How to set the tone for a great interview (10:01)
  • How do you get the right person for the right job? (12:14)
  • How do you know if you’ve found the right person? (16:56)
  • How do you know if you’re hiring the right person for you? (20:50)
  • The importance of having the owner present at every hiring interview (24:15)
  • Using the EOS people Analyzer (26:02)

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