In this episode, Rick interviews Alloy Personal Training social media vendor, Vanessa Phillips. Vanessa shares sage advice on how to create more social media engagement by posting relevant and consistent content for your business.

She is a Montana girl born and raised. She went to Montana Tech and became an accountant. After she got married and had children, she became a photographer. She used social media and word of mouth to grow her business, and she learned how to use different programs to make really great quality content that people want to see.

She first started out as a fitness client in the Alloy Billings, Montana location. She fell in love with the culture there and offered to help the business with her photography and social media skills. Her efforts led to higher engagement. Since Vanessa started working with the Alloy Billings location, engagement has increased over 20%. Engagement is like the 20-mile march, you will achieve success when you apply your social media strategy at a high level with consistency over a long time.

The social media engagement helped to build a great reputation for Alloy in Billings as a neighborhood gym. It also helped them attract more members. Alloy franchises have a high client retention rate, so when you only need to replace a few members a month, social media can be a great way to drive new members to your club. 

She explains how to create a social media strategy that works and shares tips on engaging with your audience on different platforms.

Tips For Social Media Engagement

Post Relevant And Consistent Social Media Content 

Vanessa shares her tips for increasing social media posting: show up consistently, write good organic content, and speak to your ideal client. Posting relevant and consistent content is critical for a local brick-and-mortar business because it helps you build trust with your audience.

When you provide your followers with valuable information, entertainment, or inspiration on a regular basis, they’re more likely to view you as an authority in your industry and engage with your brand. Plus, it keeps your brand top-of-mind, which is important when customers are ready to make a purchase.

Schedule Photo And Video Updates 

Once every quarter she takes professional photos. She said, “It’s amazing to see how much people have changed since the first pictures I took.”

She has also set the trainers up to take quality video and photos to create additional content.

She keeps content in a Google Drive where she can batch post for a week or for a day for the Alloy locations she works with. 

Use Hastags And Geotag

Keep a running list of hashtags, and update as needed. Then use them in the posts and pastes into the captions. This makes it easy for people to view relevant content and find information easily. 

She also geotags the photos. A geotag is a specific location added to a photo, video, or other social media post. Geotags can expose your posts to more people, since content is often searchable by location. 

Benefits of A Quality Social Media Strategy

Benefits of posting relevant social media content is it not only increases your organic reach, but the effectiveness of your paid social media advertising. You gain organic social media growth by engaging with people using quality content that targets your ideal client. With paid social media advertising, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of your paid advertising if you have a  good organic content strategy.

I think people don’t understand the importance of having a good organic social media presence before they invest in paid ads. If you have crummy photos, no posts, or bad content, it will be hard to fully show your business culture and personality.

Vanessa is one of the Alloy preferred vendors we can suggest to franchisees. She understands the Alloy culture and what type of content creates client engagement. The social media templates are already created with the brand colors to get going on social media quickly. She batches the content and sends it out quickly and on a regular basis. It’s easy for other Alloy franchises to engage with their local market because we scale every post to each location.

Listen in as she explains how she provide tips on increasing social media engagement to help you with a more effective social media strategy.

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Key Takeaways

  • Vanessa’s background (02:28)
  • How Vanesa works for different Alloy locations (06:23)
  • Why you need to hire out your social media tasks (11:33)
  • Benefits of organic posting (12:41)
  • Driving up engagement (16:24)
  • Show up consistently and provide value (23:56)

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