Brianna Korb’s journey from a devoted physics teacher to an aspiring fitness franchise owner is a tale of inspiration, transformation, and the pursuit of personal passion. Her life, intricately woven with academic rigor and a dedication to physical wellness, led her to Alloy Personal Training, where her role as a client would evolve into a vision of entrepreneurship.

Brianna’s story is marked by a global curiosity and a zest for life. Alongside her husband, she has ventured through 75 countries, immersing herself in diverse cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life. This rich tapestry of experiences has broadened her worldview and deepened her appreciation for personal connections and shared human experiences.

Her journey into the fitness world was a natural extension of her lifestyle. As a competitive swimmer in her youth, Brianna understood the importance of discipline and rigorous physical training. These early experiences instilled in her a love for challenging workouts, which later became her way of mentally preparing for the day ahead.

Brianna’s path crossed with Alloy Personal Training when her husband joined the Chastain location.  Initially skeptical, she watched her husband transform through the Alloy program, compelling her to try it too. The full-body workouts, emphasizing balance, stability, and strength, were a revelation to her, aligning perfectly with her travel-intensive lifestyle.

As a client at Alloy, Brianna discovered a community that extended beyond the realm of fitness. The morning workout sessions were more than just physical training; they were gatherings of individuals sharing life stories, goals, and encouragement. This sense of belonging and mutual support was crucial in her decision to transition from a client to a franchise owner.

Brianna’s passion for teaching and personal development found a new outlet in the fitness industry. She saw parallels between her teaching approach and the personalized training at Alloy. Like her physics students, Alloy clients sought personal attention, guidance, and a safe space to grow and ask questions. This realization ignited her aspiration to own a franchise where she could foster a similar environment of growth and personal attention.

Her personal fitness journey, from competitive swimming to maintaining an active lifestyle, underpinned her decision to open an Alloy franchise. She saw this as an opportunity to inspire others to continue their fitness journey beyond competitive sports, redefine their goals, and find joy in staying active.

Alloy’s philosophy of structured full-body workouts tailored to individual needs deeply resonated with Brianna. She admired how the trainers adapted exercises to each client, creating challenging and engaging sessions. This individualized approach, coupled with the sense of community at Alloy, was a key factor in her decision.

Brianna says, “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve figured out how important it is to keep moving and stay strong. Many people think staying fit means just doing cardio, but there’s more to it. As someone who loves to travel, I can’t count how often I’ve had to lug my bags up tons of stairs or walk on bumpy cobblestone streets. Doing stuff like that shows me how much I need to keep my body balanced and my muscles ready to go when needed”.

Her experiences at Alloy – the exhilaration after workouts, the sense of community, and the Discovery Day interactions – solidified her decision to become a franchise owner. Meeting the Alloy team and other like-minded fitness enthusiasts reinforced her belief in the power of personal connections and the importance of a supportive community.

Brianna advises those considering a similar path to have a strong support system and be patient with themselves. She underscores the importance of believing in the fitness model and the value of personal connections in training.

Her lifestyle now revolves around her Alloy sessions, balanced with running, rest, and adapting workouts while traveling. This adaptability and her belief in the importance of enjoying movement is a value she intends to instill in her members.

As Brianna stands on the cusp of opening her Alloy franchises set for the fall of 2024, her journey from an inspired client to a motivated business owner is a powerful testament to the impact of personal transformation, the strength of community, and the enduring power of physical and mental well-being. Her story is a beacon for those seeking to turn their passion into purpose, emphasizing the importance of personal connection, community engagement, and the transformative power of individualized attention in the journey toward health and fitness.

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  • Brianna Korb Linked In Profile
  • Brianna’s professional life as a physics teacher in Atlanta – Buckhead 
  • Currently Lives in Sandy Springs, GA
  • Belongs to Alloy Chastain 
  • Brianna from Illinois and  Husband from Maryland


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