In the bustling suburbs north of Atlanta, a remarkable transformation story unfolds. Chris Tice, a certified nurse midwife with a 26-year healthcare career, is gearing up to open her own Alloy Personal Training franchise in the rapidly growing area of Cumming, GA.

Her journey from Alloy member to franchise owner is not just a business venture, but a testament to her dedication to fitness, health, and community empowerment.

A Personal Transformation

Chris’s journey with Alloy started as a member, where she achieved a significant personal milestone, losing over 40 pounds. This achievement was more than just about weight loss; it was about rediscovering herself and her capabilities. For 20 years, Chris put her needs aside, focusing on her family, work, and caring for elderly relatives. Joining Alloy marked a turning point, rekindling her love for strength training and helping her appreciate her body’s potential.

The Decision to Open a Franchise

Her experience at Alloy, marked by camaraderie and exceptional coaching, was crucial in her decision to transition from a client to a franchise owner. Chris felt deeply connected to Alloy’s ethos, particularly the notion of being “Stronger Together.” The supportive environment at Alloy motivated her and inspired her to extend this empowerment to others.

Her professional background in healthcare also fueled Chris’s decision to open a franchise. Having dedicated her career to helping others, she sees her new venture as continuing this mission, now focusing on physical health and strength.

Partnership And Location Selection

Chris is partnering with seasoned Alloy franchise owners Joy and Matthew Sandoz for her new venture. Their successful location in Dunwoody, GA, serves as an inspiration and a model for what she aspires to achieve in Cumming. Once dotted with homes and farms, this area is now a thriving suburban community, offering an ideal backdrop for the new Alloy franchise.


Empowering Clients Through Fitness

What resonates most with Chris about Alloy’s approach is the personalized attention each client receives. The coaches at Alloy are dedicated to tailoring exercises to individual needs, fostering a sense of unity and collective motivation. This philosophy of individual care within a supportive community has been a key factor in her fitness journey and now forms the foundation of her business ethos.

Advice for Aspiring Franchise Owners

For those considering transitioning from Alloy member to franchise owner, Chris advises introspection and alignment with Alloy’s fitness and health beliefs. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the commitment involved and encourages potential franchisees to engage with coaches and existing owners to understand how Alloy operates.

A Future of Fitness and Community

As Chris prepares for the opening of her franchise, her story stands as an inspiration. It’s a narrative about rediscovering personal strength, the power of community support, and the impact of empowering others. Her journey reflects a passion for health and fitness, not just as a business, but as a means to enrich and strengthen a community. 

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