In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness marketing, the quest for the most effective organic marketing strategy is a perpetual one. While digital marketing and advertising have their merits, there’s a gem in the world of organic marketing that often goes unnoticed—the art of cross-promotion with local businesses. Community-based marketing is a strategy that not only brings in organic leads but also fosters a sense of camaraderie within the local fitness ecosystem.

What Is Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is more than just a buzzword; it’s a community-driven approach that can be used in B2C or B2B marketing. Often referred to as guerrilla marketing, we focus this strategy on building genuine relationships and engaging with the local community. 

The challenge lies in measuring its ROI, as the fruits of organic marketing take time to ripen. Sometimes it’s hard for people to see the ROi because it takes a little longer to build the momentum. However, consistency over time will generate a payoff in terms of organic leads and referrals that can be substantial. It does have a measurable and timely ROI if you get out in your community and just do it. 

What Is Cross-Promotion 

At the heart of this organic marketing strategy is cross-promotion—where you collaborate with local businesses that share a similar customer base. Identifying these businesses is a no-brainer for fitness entrepreneurs, who likely already have an intuitive understanding of their customers’ shopping habits and interests.

The Three-Pronged Approach to Cross-Promotion

The success of cross-promotion lies in a three-pronged approach: leveraging the email list, crafting an impactful email message, and building lasting relationships with customers. The key is to create a win-win scenario for both businesses involved. Check out IDEA’s suggestions on cross-promotion businesses. 

Take, for example, a partnership with a local running shoe store franchise. Leveraging their email list, a fitness business can send a gratitude-filled email to its customers, thanking them for their loyalty to the shoe store and announcing a special collaboration for the month with Alloy.

1. Crafting the Perfect Email

Crafting a compelling email is crucial. The message should be simple, conveying the essence of the partnership and any special offers. The flexibility of the approach allows for customization, ensuring a seamless fit with both business operations.

2. Physical Presence and Educational Events

To truly solidify the cross-promotion, physical presence is key. Stuffing customers’ shopping bags with vouchers, setting up branded displays in each other’s facilities, and even organizing educational events create a tangible connection. This could range from foam rolling sessions for runners to seminars on choosing the right gear for a 5k run.

3. Duplicate and Measure

The beauty of this strategy lies in its scalability. Once the first cross-promotion is successful, we can duplicate it with different businesses, creating a snowball effect. The leads generated should be tracked and measured, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of each partnership and helps to identify how to improve each relationship. 

Building Relationships Beyond the Gym

Matt Helland emphasizes the importance of building relationships outside the fitness facility. By engaging with various businesses through cross-promotion, you not only get your foot in the door but also become a recognized and respected presence in the community.

Community Marketing Marathon

Rick Mayo advocates for an active approach to community marketing. Engaging with as many businesses as possible, he suggests running monthly cross-promotions with ten or more partner businesses. The cumulative result? A steady influx of 15 to 20 high-quality leads every month.

In a world dominated by digital noise, the simplicity and effectiveness of cross-promotion as an organic fitness marketing strategy are unparalleled. It’s not just about the leads; it’s about weaving a network of relationships that benefits everyone involved—businesses and customers alike. So, take a cue from the pioneers, get out of the facility, and start a community marketing marathon that transcends the boundaries of traditional marketing and brings the fitness community closer together.

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Podcast Episode 214: Key Takeaways

  • Organic marketing for fitness businesses (03:13)
  • Cross-promotion strategies for local businesses (04:32)
  • The Three-Pronged approach for cross-promotion (12:00)
  • Measurable ROI for cross-promotion (13:26)
  • Overcoming apathy for organic marketing (18:40)

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